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A free view as far as the horizon, coastal forests and the widest sandy beach in MecklenburgVorpommern entice guests from far and away to Warnemünde time and again. The mild but bracing climate and the salty air are quite simply beneficial for healthy people of all ages – but not just for them. Because these conditions also represent natural remedies for visitors with chronic illnesses. To ensure that a Thalasso health holiday in Warnemünde is genuinely effective, two spa doctors are offering individual examinations and consultations in this Baltic Sea spa destination.

Thalasso – that sounds like health. What’s behind this term?

Dr. Regina Schwanitz: It’s a climate therapy that uses the healing power of the sea.

Dr. Christine Teichert: The word Thalasso comes from the Greek and roughly translated means “health from the sea”. Cleopatra already knew of the healing power of the sea, and the Greeks and Romans also drew on this “maritime pharmacy”.

How exactly do the mild, bracing climate and the salty air work?

Dr. Schwanitz: The surf zone creates natural aerosols, a mist of air and salt water. So if you take a walk right by the water, you will breathe in this saline solution. This dissolves secretions in the nose and bronchial tubes. The cooling stimulus also regulates the body temperature. So it’s a good opportunity to fortify yourself against infections by strengthening the immune system and enhancing physical and mental performance.

Dr.Teichert: It’s important to alternate between walking on the beach and in the woods. Under the trees, you are protected from the wind and sun. Right on the water’s edge where the waves break, the lungs are moistened by the aerosols. That works like an inhaler, and the effect can be felt after just half an hour.

What illnesses does Thalasso therapy help with?

Dr.Schwanitz: People with allergies quickly feel better here in Warnemünde as do people with skin problems or respiratory diseases. Exercising in and around the water also helps patients with osteoporosis, arthritis or cardiovascular disease. In summer, the sea itself is warm enough, and in winter, special baths are offered in Thalasso facilities.

Dr.Teichert: The “treasures of the sea” heal and relax. The saline solution of seawater is similar to that of human blood. This means it’s very well accepted by the body and it supports healing processes for: arteriosclerosis, circulation problems, inflammatory bowel diseases, cardiovascular problems as well as migraine, a weak respiratory tract, skin diseases and for unwinding.

Can patients apply these therapies on their own?

Dr. Schwanitz: It’s definitely advisable to consult the spa doctor first to assess each individual’s endurance levels. It’s not a question of speed here but endurance exercise.

Dr. Teichert: Visitors can of course use the Medical spa facilities on their own, and I also run a detailed check-up programme on my Medical spa guests. But a holiday on the Baltic Sea doesn’t always have to consist of elaborate treatments and extensive baths. Signposted therapy trails along the beach or in the coastal forests, a circular route through Warnemünde, also form part of any Medical spa therapy as you can derive outstanding benefits from the healing Baltic Sea climate for your own sense of wellbeing.

How do Thalasso treatments differ between summer and winter?

Dr.Teichert: Regardless of the time of year: water, air, sun – anyone who exercises regularly outside, knows how much good it does them! The healing powers of the sea work on our bodies and minds especially in summer when bathing in the sea, on a brisk walk along the surf or during morning exercise on the beach. In winter, it’s important to make sure you wear the right clothes.

Dr.Schwanitz: In summer, the coolness of our mild, bracing climate means that you can push yourself further than, for example, on the Mediterranean where it gets very hot. On the other hand, when it’s really cold here in winter, you have to be careful because blood vessels can become inflexible as a result of the low temperatures.

Is Thalasso just for patients?

Dr.Teichert: No, it does everyone good! The seawater has a detoxifying, cleansing effect; it has a positive effect on skin and nails – both as a seawater bath or in the form of small salt particles that get on the skin during a walk on the beach.

Dr.Schwanitz: Thalasso serves both as a therapy and as prevention. Psychological imbalances such as burnout or tinnitus respond well to treatment at the seaside as there’s the added factor of relaxation.

What’s a “healthy day” for you in Warnemünde?

Dr.Teichert: I enjoy doing a long walk with my dog through the forest and then on the beach along the edge of the water. The fresh, salty sea breeze relaxes me and with the roar of the sea and sunshine, that makes a perfect day for me.

Dr.Schwanitz: For me, there definitely has to be a walk beside the sea, right on the water’s edge, not far up the beach. But the alternation between walking by the water and walking in the coastal forests is also important. Because walking on the beach is often hard on the joints for untrained walkers. That’s why the paths in the forest are easier.

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