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Historic city with a glorious history: 800 years of Rostock

Almost 800 years old, Rostock has always been the most powerful and most advanced community of its region. Every corner you turn, you still encounter proof of its glorious history. Its legendary rise began - believe it or not - with hopped beer and salted fish. In incredible amounts and of famed quality, these goods were filled into barrels, shipped and traded in the entire Baltic Sea region, resulting in great profits for RostockÂ’s merchants.

To ensure a safe trade, they joined forces with merchants of other harbour towns to form the Hanseatic League (Hanse) in the 12th century. The Hanse is a unique alliance in German history that included up to 225 cities in the entire North Sea and Baltic Sea region. The Hanse lasted for more than 400 years, shaped economy, trade as well as politics. Every year the Hanseatic League celebrates the International Hanseatic Day in one of its member cities. From 21st to 24th June 2018 Rostock has the honour to be host. Under the motto „"Take action!“" the Hanseatic and university city will present itself as a traditional, innovative, creative and international city. Plunge into the world of the historic and modern Hanseatic League on seven event areas in the city centre!

Another event to honour seafaring and the tradition of working together is Hanse Sail - one the worldÂ’s largest gatherings of traditional sailing ships and museum ships. The maritime folk festival has been held on the second weekend in August since 1991. About 200 participating ships together with cruise liners, ferries and naval ships provide a lively maritime world exhibition. A moving event for a majority of visitors is to experience sailing first-hand on one of the traditional seafaring ships. But the old time sailing vessels can also be admired from the edges of quays or from an open ship.

There is even more two celebrate: in 2018, Rostock celebrates its 800th birthday. In 2019, the University of Rostock (the oldest university in the Baltic Sea region) turns 600. Join us to celebrate this wonderful double anniversary!


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