A brief history of Rostock

Throughout the eight centuries of its history, Rostock has always been the most powerful and progressive municipality in Mecklenburg, though never its capital. The university, shipyard and port city, which is as tradition-conscious as it is dynamic, is still the undisputed number one in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This is even more true for tourism. Therefore the governing of the state can confidently be left to the people of Schwerin.

800 years of history

On 2 February 1356 the first Hanseatic Convention was held. It was the central organ of the Hanseatic League, where the delegated councillors of the Hanseatic cities discussed problems at hand and tried to bring about joint decisions. In June 2018, the 38th International Hansa Convention of Modern Times was held in Rostock. Under the motto "Just act!" the city presented itself as a traditional, innovative, creative and cosmopolitan city.

Since the year 1991 the Hanse Sail picks up the tradition of international cooperation once more. Meanwhile it has evolved into the biggest annual meeting of traditional sailing ships worldwide, which always takes place on the second weekend in August with about 200 participating ships and one million visitors.

Events in Rostock

History of the city

Learn more about the City of Rostock and discover maritime stories.

Sailing ship at Hanse Sail Rostock at sunset

Maritime legends

In this section you will find interesting facts about the maritime legends of Rostock.



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