Seaside resort of Warnemünde

Of the four seaside resorts – along with Markgrafenheide, Diedrichshagen and Hohe Düne – Warnemünde is the most famous. A former fishing village and “captain’s neighbourhood”, Warnemünde became an in-demand hotspot for beach holidaymakers, cruise liners, water sports enthusiasts and thalassotherapy patients. Take a stroll through the charming alleys and venture a glimpse through the windows at the lovingly maintained and at times crooked captain’s houses.

Warnemünde has much more to offer: fresh Baltic Sea fish, majestic cruise ships and the Warnemünde beach, the crowning glory of any day on holiday. The sand beach, which is 14 kilometres long and the broadest on the German Baltic coast, scores highly thanks to its size, visual attractions and the vibrancy on the promenade.

Longest Baltic Coast Beach

Longest Baltic Coast Beach

Mecklenburg’s Baltic coast is famous for its beautiful beaches in the Rostock region. The mostly-flat beach (approx. 14 kilometres long) is also very child-friendly.

Beach Warnemünde in the evening

Cleanliness & the environment

The cleanliness of the beaches and water are among Warnemünde’s qualities. The water quality is checked regularly and is rated as good to very good throughout.

Tourism in Warnemünde

Safe swimming

Rostock-Warnemünde is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Baltic. The seaside resort is characterised as a family-friendly and varied health resort. Safety rules play an important role when it comes to swimming in the Baltic.




Pottery market at the river festival in Warnemünde

Warnemünde River Festival

The Warnemünde summer season ends festively with the "Stromfest" at the beginning of September.

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