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Hikes to explore and discover. Whether along the Baltic Sea coast or through the Rostock Heath, there are many hiking tours in and around Rostock. Here we present the most beautiful tours.

Tour 1: From Warnemünde lighthouse to Heiligendamm

Length: approx. 15 km on the way there

The hike to Germany's oldest seaside resort begins at the Warnemünde lighthouse. It leads along the beach or along the promenade with villas and hotels of the typical seaside resort architecture straight to the steep coast. The "Stolteraa" nature reserve stretches for three kilometres along the Baltic Sea coast, dominated by the cliffs. Take a look at how wind and water constantly change the coast. You will discover grey-green boulder clay, yellowish loam and layers of shale in the cliff face, many large boulders already lying in the water. After a third of the way, you deserve a little refreshment at the "Wilhelmshöhe" restaurant. "Kliffkiecker" is the name of the herbal liqueur that is only available here. Shortly afterwards, you reach the 18-metre-high cliff top at Geinitzort on the steep coast. The large rock, which is easy to see in the shallow lake water when the sea is calm, is named after the father of Mecklenburg geology.

Continue through the coastal forest, past orange-glowing sea buckthorn to the Baltic seaside resort of Nienhagen (10 km) with its ghost forest. The towering beech trees shaped by the wind offer a bizarre "ghostly" picture. The route continues along the steep coast via Börgerende to Germany's oldest seaside resort, Heiligendamm. The Duke of Mecklenburg, Friedrich Franz I, founded it in 1793 when he set up his summer residence in neighbouring Bad Doberan. White classicist buildings - some of which now belong to the Grand Hotel Kempinski - adorn the Heiligendamm promenade. The racecourse is also one of the oldest on the European mainland. The famous narrow-gauge railway "Molli" is recommended for the return journey to Bad Doberan. From there, there is a bus to Warnemünde or a train to Rostock's main railway station.

Tour 2: From Warnemünde to "Schnatermann

Length: 12 km on the way there

Take the ferry across the Warnow to the Rostock district of Hohe Düne. From here, follow a path behind the dunes that runs alongside the road to the "Forsthaus" and "Utspann" restaurants in the Warnemünde seaside resort. On the right, a hiking trail leads into the forest, which is well signposted as far as the traditional "Schnatermann" inn.

Tour 2: From Warnemünde to "Schnatermann

The nature reserve of the same name is the habitat of many protected and endangered animals and plants such as the black woodpecker, tree hawk or lily of the valley. From there you can enjoy the unique view of the Warnow estuary, which is called "Breitling" in Rostock. At low tide you can also see the Schnatermannstein. According to legend, a ship sank here in winter. The only survivor saved himself on the huge boulder and could only "snatern" from the icy cold when locals found him. The way back to Warnemünde is also possible with the passenger ship MS "Schnatermann".

Tour 3: From Warnemünde to the "Holy Lake"

Length: 15 km on the way there

Take the ferry to Hohe Düne and walk along the beach. You pass Markgrafenheide and the camping and holiday park to the steep coast at the "Rosenort". Close to the Baltic Sea, the "Heiliger See" nature reserve stretches out here with forests, intensively used moorland meadows, the so-called Hütelmoor and salt marshes. From the dune you have an overwhelming view of the Baltic Sea and the natural beauty of the "Holy Lake". Many legends entwine around this body of water. A goddess, a big fish and spirits are said to have been at home here. There is a story of an evil spirit that drew hikers into the depths. With incense and holy water, a procession from the nearby Ribnitz Monastery wanted to put an end to this spook.

Strandaufgang Hohe Düne

For half a day, the monks implored the unwelcome lake dweller to leave the waters, until suddenly a dense mist shot out of the water and flew away. From the "Holy Lake", walk back through the Rosenort lane until the log bridge path turns off to the right. At the next junction on the left, the path continues towards Markgrafenheide. 300-year-old oaks line the avenue along the Moorgraben, which ends directly at the "Forsthaus" in Markgrafenheide. From there you can take the boat MS "Schnatermann" or the bus back to Warnemünde.

Tour 4: Planetary path along the coast

Length: 6 km

How far is it from the sun to the earth or the planets Mars or Jupiter? In Warnemünde, hikers can get a glimpse of the infinite expanse of space on the planetary path along the coast. The journey through our solar system begins at the stone sun at the lighthouse. After 50 metres you will meet Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, the planets closest to the sun. Neptune and the smallest planet Pluto, on the other hand, are particularly far away and can only be reached after about five kilometres. Visitors discover the nine planets on foot or by bicycle on a total of 13 information panels. You will learn interesting facts about the celestial bodies and their size during this educational hike. If you travel one metre on the coast, you would travel a million kilometres in space. A space probe needed a good 19 years for this journey through our solar system, and it takes about two hours to walk from the Warnemünde lighthouse to the Elmenhorster Bach stream. Along the same route to the "Stolteraa" nature reserve, a nature and adventure trail provides information on display boards, including typical coastal forms of the Baltic Sea, native coastal birds, fossils and trees.

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