Arrival & parking for cruisers

Where is Rostock? How do I get there? Where is my cruise terminal? Where can I park? How can I get to Rostock city centre with public transport? Whether by taxi, rental car, public transport or ship – you can find the most important information and recommendations here.

Timetable information of the Deutschen Bahn

Station in Warnemünde

Arrival to Rostock & Warnemünde

Find here how you can quickly get to the City of Rostock and the Seaside Resort of Warnemünde.

Cruise ship at the terminal in Warnemünde

Locations of the cruise ships

Read here where the cruise ships are located and how you get there.


On the go in Rostock & Warnemünde

Public transport

Public transport

You only need one ticket to get out and about, regardless of whether you’re travelling by train, bus, ferry or tram, and regardless of you’re travelling in just one tariff zone or across the whole VVW network. Once bought, your ticket is valid from your boarding point to your destination, including any connections.


Are you looking for a taxi? Then you have come to the right place.

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