Warnemünde Church

The church in Warnemünde has stood in the middle of the town for over one hundred years. The community and many guests see it as a place of peace and contemplation. However, it has also provided protection against floods. The votive ships inside the church are an example of its maritime flair.

Since Warnemünde rapidly became a major cruise port, more and more tourists from all over the world have been visiting the church. In high-season, tours take place almost daily and many musical events are held at the church.


Opening times: Monday to Sunday 10 am - 6pm

Church service: Sundays at 10am, morning prayers: Thursdays at 9am, midday prayers with organ music: Saturdays at 12pm

Free entry

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Warnemünde Church
Kirchenplatz 1
18119 Rostock-Warnemünde


+49 381 3755967+49 381 3755967

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