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Schools and childcare in Rostock

Schools and childcare in Rostock

The wide range of educational opportunities in Rostock means that children and young people are able to attend schools or childcare facilities that are suited to their learning habits. As well as primary, secondary and comprehensive schools, Rostock also has grammar and special schools.

The childcare facilities and crèches in the city ensure proper care and support for children, preparing them for their future education.

At Rostock’s primary schools, children learn the basics for their future school education.

The other secondary regional and comprehensive schools in Rostock and Warnemünde also have a wide range of courses for their pupils.

Those who have decided to attend a grammar school for their educational path will find a wide range of grammar schools in the individual city quarters.

For children or young people with physical or mental disabilities, there are different special schools that cater specifically to the needs of their pupils.

Other schools in Rostock and Warnemünde also provide the opportunity to gain a qualification or further training.


You can find further information at the

  • Office for Schools and Sport in Rostock.
    Schillingallee 71
    18057 Rostock
    Tel: 0381 381­4000

  • City’s Parents’ Council
    Schillingallee 71
    18057 Rostock
    Tel: 0381 381­4046



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