Day-care centres & schools

Thanks to the broad education spectrum, children and young people in the City of Rostock get the opportunity to visit a school or day-care centre that suits them and their learning pattern. On this page, you’ll get an outline of the types of schools represented in Rostock and Warnemünde and the individual day-care centres and schools in the city. In addition to primary schools (Grundschule) and comprehensive schools (Gesamtschule), you’ll also find academic secondary schools (Gymnasium) and SEN schools (Förderschule).

Childcare planner of the city of Rostock

Day-care centres & nurseries

You can use the day-care centre planner for the City of Rostock to find out where the day-care centres and nurseries are located within Rostock and Warnemünde.

Primary schools Rostock

Primary schools

Your children will learn the foundations for the rest of their school education in Rostock’s primary schools.

Comprehensive school in Rostock

Regional & comprehensive schools

Regional and comprehensive schools in Rostock and Warnemünde offer a comprehensive syllabus.


You can find further information at the

Office for Schools and Sport in Rostock
Schillingallee 71
18057 Rostock
Tel: 0381 381­4000

City’s Parents’ Council
Schillingallee 71
18057 Rostock
Tel: 0381 381­4046

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