In both summer and winter, you’ll experience a diverse programme of art and cultural events in Rostock: the festive tower lights at the start of the year, maritime highlights such as the Warnemünde Week, Hanse Sail and ROSTOCK CRUISE FESTIVAL, a colourful holiday programme for kids and so much more. We’ve put together some of the event highlights for you. You can find all the other events in our event calendar.

Vessels at Hanse Sail Rostock

Hanse Sail Rostock

About 200 traditional and museum ships will entice visitors to Rostock again in August 2021 for a lively maritime world exhibition.

Warnemünde Lighthouse Show at New Year

Warnemünde Lighthouse Show

The Warnemünde Lighthouse Show celebration is traditionally held on New Year’s Day and attracts many visitors to the seaside resort every year.

Sailboats off Rostock

Warnemünde Week

The Warnemünde Week is held every year in July and attracts many visitors to the City of Rostock and the seaside resort Warnemünde.



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