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The economy at a glance

From Rostock to Munich and beyond, four times a week!

With the beginning of the summer flight schedule, German airline Lufthansa is offering four flights to Munich per week from April 2015. With a connection to the international and European hub, there are now opportunities to catch connecting flights to places all across Europe, Asia and North America, such as Sao Paolo, Peking, Chicago, Rome, Paris and many more.

As well as scheduled Lufthansa flights, Germanwings operates flights all year round to and from Cologne and Stuttgart, which also plays an important role. They are ideal for businesspeople and those travelling from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on a short trip, making a holiday in Germany sound like a tempting offer. You can find further information at www.rostock-­

Economic activity Rostock

Rostock is the centre of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and in recent years it has developed into an attractive hive of economic activity. Berlin - Copenhagen and Hamburg - Szczecin: the routes between these cities all pass right through Rostock.

With modern ports, an airport and excellent connections to the countryside, Rostock is a multimodal transport hub.

From here, we guarantee that you can reach places quickly and with little hassle. Whether goods are being transported to markets in Scandinavia or Eastern, Western or Southern Europe, Rostock’s central location enables low transport and distribution costs, making this international hub a highly attractive business location.

Economy and transport in Rostock

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