ALIENIGMA (Ausstellung von Jethro Crohn

Maya Galerie & Café | Wismarsche 21 | Rostock


14.06.2024 bis 04.07.2024

1985 is a year that Mexico City will never forget due to the catastrophic earthquake that destroyed it on September 19th, including the hospital where exactly 7 months before, and since that January for the first time, the third planet of the Milky Way, in this dimension, greets Jorge Alberto Gutierrez Gonzalez, aka Jethro Crohn, scientist and artist. First-born in a middle-class family of a couple of professionals dedicated to health sciences who had the opportunity to provide him with all his education in private schools; besides supporting him, respecting him, and not infrequently tolerating his way of thinking.

From his paternal great-grandfather who played the violin at town festivities to his maternal grandfather, who was a foundryman and excellent cartoonist, creativity and imagination were never lacking in his childhood as he and his younger brother, inspired by cartoons/anime, comic books, movies, and video games, created their own universes full of adventures with thousands of hours of fun.

"El Núcleo SideReal", where the magic happens, is a concept and an idea… or a metaphor for Crohn's unique and twisted mind where his artistic facets become real. Without any formal artistic training or professional equipment, from the beginning of elementary school to the end of his academic specialization in the hospital, he has won multiple local drawing and photography awards. Since he was 13 years old, he has been part of different rock bands in charge of the drums, backing vocals and artistic conceptualization; rehearsing in "El Núcleo" (his parents' house) and playing in small parties, bars, and festivals.

In the last year of college Crohn finally decides to write short fiction stories in a formal way, merging the fantasy/science fiction/horror/drama genres resulting in a captivating narrative that will be published soon. In 2017 he opens his social media accounts where he is actively uploading wonderful cinematic photos and trafficking memes, as it is his way of reminding us of the most precious things in life: Smile/Laugh and Travel.

Jethro Crohn is a physician specialized in Human Genetics and professionally works in a molecular diagnostic laboratory; he leads a simple life and can currently be found wandering the streets of the Hanseatic city of Rostock, near the Baltic Sea, in northern Germany.

Die künstlerische Erfahrung von Jethro Crohn in Rostock

Mein Spitzname in der Grundschule war "Alien", weil ich nicht damit einverstanden war, dass Wissenschaft und Kunst völlig unterschiedlich und manchmal sogar gegensätzlich sind. Nachdem mir viele Jahre lang gesagt wurde, dass ich künstlerisch begabt sei und mir geraten wurde, meine eigene Ausstellung zu machen, habe ich beschlossen, dass die Zeit gekommen ist. Mit ALIEN1GMA erhalten Sie einen Gesamtüberblick über meine vier künstlerischen Erfahrungen: Fotografie, Musik und Sci-Fantasy Literatur & Zeichnungen.

Dies ist meine erste Ausstellung in Deutschland, also kommt, schaut sie euch an und erhaltet einen Einblick in meine Gedankenwelt und entdeckt das Enigma für euch selbst! Sind Sie bereit für die Crohn Erfahrung? Du kannst die offizielle Playlist, die ich zur Inspiration verwende, hier herunterladen: Jethro Crohn (@jethrocrohn) | AllMyLinks

Wir sehen uns am 06.06.24 um 16.00 Uhr.


Jun 14
ALIENIGMA (Ausstellung von Jethro Crohn Fr, 18:00 Uhr | Maya Galerie & Café
Jun 15
ALIENIGMA (Ausstellung von Jethro Crohn Sa, 18:00 Uhr | Maya Galerie & Café
Jun 17
ALIENIGMA (Ausstellung von Jethro Crohn Mo, 18:00 Uhr | Maya Galerie & Café
Jun 18
ALIENIGMA (Ausstellung von Jethro Crohn Di, 18:00 Uhr | Maya Galerie & Café
Jun 19
ALIENIGMA (Ausstellung von Jethro Crohn Mi, 18:00 Uhr | Maya Galerie & Café
Jun 20
ALIENIGMA (Ausstellung von Jethro Crohn Do, 18:00 Uhr | Maya Galerie & Café


Maya Galerie & Café
Wismarsche 21
18057 Rostock



Cesareo Naranjos Velazquez
Wismarsche 21


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