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What would you say: can stones whisper? When you walk through a church portal, what stories and pictures come to mind? What would you ask somebody from Rostock who lived back then? Our city offers numerous journeys through time - the key to which is: North German brick! During your visit to St Mary’s or the Convent of the Holy Cross, you can touch and listen to the bricks. As a merchant of times past, you would have used them to build your stately home. Impressive examples of such merchant houses are Kerkoffhaus and Hausbaumhaus. The richly ornamented gables still tell of the prosperity back then. In the town centre, where our ancestors conducted lively business, you can now take a stroll and enjoy the city flair. And high above - the brick walls still sit enthroned, as faithful companions on your holiday.

Who would have thought? The former fishing village and “captains’ neighbourhood” in Warnemünde has become a popular hotspot for beach holidaymakers and cruisers, where each year some of the world’s largest cruise ships dock. This is also where the famous German “Strandkorb” beach chair was invented. Since 1821, visitors have experienced that which still attracts today: a holiday feeling combining healthy sea air, the beach and a maritime flair. Typical captains‘ houses with wooden porches can be found at every corner. Baltic, Mediterranean or exotic fish dishes? Restaurants along the “Alter Strom” and “Mittelmole” piers offer a rich culinary selection. Enjoy your meal! The widest beach of the German Baltic Sea also scores very high: with its size, beautiful views and the liveliness of its esplanade.

If you want, there are marine adventures waiting for you here every day. Swim, snorkel, steer the boat’s wheel on an escorted sailing trip? Whatever your fancy, Warnemünde is at your service! More athletic types find Warnemünde to be an excellent spot to go surfing, kiting, wakeboarding or stand-up paddling. Are you one of the millions of guests who are fascinated by our summer highlights: sailing events Hanse Sail and Warnemünde Week? A fine taste of saltwater on your tongue, sun on your face and ropes in your hands: in the tradition of the world‘s largest windjammers with their huge sails, you can experience sea faring first-hand at Hanse Sail. In Warnemünde you can also marvel at the cruise ships or go on a leisurely harbour cruise. Welcome aboard!

Rostock Heath (Rostocker Heide) surprises as the largest coastal forest on the German Baltic coast and offers many possibilities to exercise outdoors. 6,000 hectares of nature conservation and local recreational area serve as your open-air sports grounds. Ride your bike along the Baltic Coast Cycling Path, hike themed trails, ride horses on the beach or play a few rounds of golf – variety is guaranteed. Water is the lifeline and a connecting element of the city. River and sea - natural force, never far away and always ready. As an “honorary captain”, steer your kayak upstream through the charming landscape along the Warnow river. A different way to venture “into the blue” is to go deep-sea fishing in the Baltic Sea, which will hopefully be rewarded with a good catch at the end of the day.

The right blend makes for a good climate. In the Rostock Heath, where forest air meets the Baltic Sea air, there is a particularly health-promoting mixed climate. Right at the sea, in the territory of blackheaded and herring gulls, the Baltic Sea breeze refreshes you with its mild bracing climate. So, if you feel the need to move and breathe deeply - no wonder! Whether in the heathland or at the beach: fresh air, sunlight and the Baltic Sea are precious remedies that we can only heartily recommend to you. Afterwards, let us get back into relaxation mode. Pamper yourself with thalasso therapy, sauna and steam room, massages or algae wraps. Strengthen your immune system, detox your body, forget the troubles of everyday life. By the way: In 2016, Rostock was among the sunniest places in Germany, with 1,814 hours of sun. What’s next? Let’s walk barefoot along the beach!

Gustav is an actual king. Yet, he will always be your mate. In Warnemünde things like that are possible :-) Our seaside resort carries the coveted award „Familienurlaub MV“ (Family vacation Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and offers you a very varied adventure program, all year round. In the spirit of the cheerful mascot „Ferienkönig Gustav“ (Gustav the holiday king) children can play pirate at sea, walk with alpacas through the coastal forest, listen to campfire concerts, play cowboys and Indians or get baptised by Neptune, the god of the sea. Good to know: the predominantly shallow waters of Warnemünde and Markgrafenheide are great for children to frolic around. And there is much more to be discovered in between the beach, the Baltic Sea and the forest. The famous adder stones (Hühnergötter), mussels, starfish, mystical creatures of the woods...? If the weather does not play along, several recreational facilities with exciting indoor action are on offer.

Even young people know that Rostock is a lot of fun. Students shape our city life, give new impulses and spread creative ideas. Mingle with them! Contrary to their reputation of being somewhat distant, locals are quite approachable. It is easy to connect and experience the sense of community and belonging that exists in the streets, clubs and neighbourhood cafés. The communicative, open-minded people of Rostock are not the only ones that cherish the city harbour, the inner city forest Barnstorfer Wald and, above all, their beloved beach. Warnefornia Dreamin‘ - that’s the lifestyle feeling in Warnemünde. Surfing, kiting, volleyball alternate with evening drinks on the harbour terraces. The hip and colourful neighboorhood KTV also takes you on a discovery tour: its clubs and bars are perfect for night owls and serve up freshly brewed Rostock beer and other liquor made with fine Hanseatic spirits.


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