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Rostock-Warnemünde is the most popular and important cruise ship harbour in the southern Baltic Sea. Discover the ocean giants. In Warnemünde, you can get closer to the cruise ships than anywhere else. This year alone, over 180 cruise ships are expected to dock in Warnemünde, including ocean giants up to 300m long and sometimes with two or more ships per day arriving. You can also begin your next cruise from Warnemünde.

Different organisers and shipping companies have a wide range of offers, whether you are planning a short trip across the Baltic Sea or the North Sea, or you want to go on a great tour of the world’s oceans. Of course, ships belonging to the Rostock shipping company AIDA are regular guests, but we have also seen the Queen Elizabeth and the Norwegian Star docking in the harbour at Warnemünde several times already. Those who would like to see the impressive ships arriving, for example from the Warnemünde jetty, generally have to get up early, because these ships arrive in the morning or before midday. These floating hotels sail back out to sea in the evening. In order to be in the harbour on time for arrivals or departures, it is best to look at the current cruise ship calendar for Warnemünde when planning your trip.

As it can be very difficult to find a parking space (parkplaetze.html) around the harbour, especially during high season, it is best to park in one of the Park and Ride sites at the city entrance and then use local public transport.

Former guests in Warnemünde

The ninth ship in the “Kussmund” (kissing lips) fleet, the AIDAmar, which was launched in 2012, has already been to Warnemünde several times. At 253 metres long, not only does it have seven restaurants, but it also has its own on-board brewery. The 294m long Norwegian Star, on the other hand, has an open air beer garden. The ship, which originated from the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, is equipped with six jacuzzis and a volleyball court.

Another ship to have docked in Warnemünde is the Vision of the Seas, which carries the epithet “Glass Ship” due to its large panoramic windows. Many of its passengers spend their time at sea playing minigolf or on the climbing wall. The Royal Princess, however, which is 330m in length and has 3,600 beds, has the “SeaWalk” which is a glass walkway overhanging the ship’s side at a height of 40m.

Special experiences around the cruise ships in Warnemünde

It’s not for nothing that people from Rostock and holidaymakers alike are extremely fond of Warnemünde as a journey destination. You can see ships arriving in Warnemünde from the especially convenient “Pier 7”. From the outdoor terrace right on the passenger quay, you can watch the ships as they dock. At the same time, six monitors are there to keep you informed about shipping traffic in the Baltic Sea.

After having a small snack, your children will want to let off some steam in the play area while you browse through the souvenir shop or sand sculpture exhibition. If several ships are scheduled to arrive at the same time in Warnemünde, sometimes a “port party” takes place. Tugboats will perform a ballet and there will be a colourful firework display as the ships leave the harbour. Local excursion shipping companies also offer accompanying trips through the Warnemünde sea canal, and not just for multiple departures. The signalling horns will sound to say goodbye as you come extremely close to the ocean giants.

There is also the opportunity to view ships during selected appointments, which is a good chance for people toying with idea of booking a cruise themselves to find out information. The tours, lasting around three hours, generally end with a meal in the on-board buffet restaurant.

Cruise ships in Rostock-Warnemünde

Balmoral -


Ocean Carrier: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Ipswich (GB)
Length: 218,18 m Width: 28,20 m
Weight: 43,537 BRZ Year: 1988
Passengers: 1350
Next arrival:
08:00 - 23:00 Uhr
Anchorage: P7
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Address for your navigation system:
Warnemünde Cruise Center, Am Passagierkai 3, 18119 Rostock-Warnemünde


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