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Seaside resort of Warnemünde

Seaside resort of Warnemünde

The seaside resort of Warnemünde, around 15km from the city centre of Rostock, is characterised by original fishermen’s houses and maritime flair. There are different conditions for wheelchair users here. The promenade, the area in front of the lighthouse and the paths to were jetty festivities take place have wide, level pathways you can use. However, you will frequently come across cobblestones and uneven ground in the historical town centre. It is recommended that you use the upper path when travelling along the Alter Strom. Not all of the Alexandrinenstraße, which runs parallel, is accessible to wheelchair users. The ferries to Hohe Düne and the cruise ship terminal can be reached from the tram stop by following the indicated route.

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If you give advanced notice, a mobile ramp can be made available.
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East jetty and marina, Hohe Düne

There is a wheelchair accessible vehicle and pedestrian ferry between Warnemünde and Hohe Düne. The wheelchair accessible east jetty and marina are situated in Hohe Düne.


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