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Zoo Rostock


At Rostock Zoo you can experience 4,500 animals in 450 different species from all over the world: pigmy hippos swimming and diving, cheetahs roaming their territory or jellyfish from the depths of the ocean. In the Darwineum you get exciting insights into the

origin of life on earth in the „living museum“. The heart beats in the tropical hall - the home of the gorillas and orangutans and many other animals. In the Polarium you can travel from pole to pole, from penguins to polar bears. If you present the RostockCARD, we will thank you with a little souvenir.

Open daily at 9:00h

Souvenir free

address & contact
Zoo Rostock
Barnstorfer Ring 1
18059 Rostock

+49 (0)381 20 82-0 +49 (0)381 20 82-0

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