Naturalisation means that the citizen will have equal rights and responsibilities as German citizens. They are then able to vote in district, regional and national elections. They can also put themselves forward as a parliamentary candidate, thereby actively representing their interests.
They are free to choose their profession in Germany and they will belong to the European Union, enjoy freedom of movement around Europe and they can travel to many countries outside the continent without a visa. Those who have lived in Germany for a long time but are not yet German citizens can become naturalised. This does not happen automatically; you have to apply for it.

Universitätsplatz Rostock

Responsibilities & services in Rostock

  • advice on the prerequisites for German citizenship and the legal consequences
  • naturalisation within the German Federation
  • issuing of negative certificates
  • declaration of German citizenship
  • issuing of citizenship certificates
  • carrying out child naturalisation procedures
  • loss of German citizenship

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