Consulates in Rostock

Consulates general and consulates, unlike the embassies responsible for one or more countries, only operate within a limited regional area. Their responsibilities include, above all, legal and consular matters, external economic promotion, cultural cooperation and public relations work. Political relations work is reserved for the embassies. Just like the consular departments of embassies, consulates general and consulates guarantee advice and assistance in emergency situations, as well as information of various sorts.

Representation of interests and public relations

Consuls have the general task of protecting the interests of the state they have been sent by, as well as their dependants in the receiving country, as both natural and legal entities and within the confines of international law. They are responsible for developing the relations between the sending state and the recipient state in terms of external business, traffic technology, law, culture and science. They can use all lawful means to inform themselves about economic, cultural and scientific circumstances and developments in the recipient state and report back to the government of the sender state. They can also provide information to people interested.

Passport & Visa agreements

Consuls have the task of issuing passports to citizens of the sender state, and visas and corresponding documentation to people who wish to travel to the sender state.

Aerial view of Rostock city centre

Consulates in Rostock

Royal Danish Honorary Consulate

Honorary Consulate Arno Pöker
Haus der Schifffahrt Lange Straße 1a
18055 Rostock
Tel: 0381 458 4206


Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Finland

Honorary Consulate Horst Rahe
Haus der Schifffahrt Lange Straße 1a
18055 Rostock
Tel: 0381 458 4002


Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Iceland

Honorary Consul Detlef B. E. Thomaneck
Am Strom 112
18119 Rostock-Warnemünde
Tel: 0381 700 7454


Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Latvia

Honorary Consul Dr. Fritz Schulze
c/o Mapra Assekuranzkontor GmbH
Moislinger Allee 53-55
23558 Lübeck
Tel: 0451 3897989, Fax: 3897943


Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Austria

Honorary Consul Wolfgang Grieger
Am Campus 1-11
18182 Bentwisch
Tel: 0381 649-122


Royal Swedish Consulate

Honorary Consul Axel Erdmann
Altkarlshof 6
18146 Rostock
Tel: 0381 658 6751


Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic

Honorary Consul Dr. Helmut Schmidt
Kröpeliner Straße 79
18055 Rostock
Tel: 0381 459 1311

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