Hong Fa Thai massages

Hong Fa Thai massages
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Traditional Thai massage in the eastern part of the Old Town: enjoy traditional wellness treatments and applications

Offers include traditional Thai massage, foot reflexology massages, aroma oil massage and vital body massage. Couples who would also like to enjoy a relaxing partner massage are gladly welcome. Original Thai products are used for treatment. The focus is on muscular relaxation, because everything is harmonised via the musculature. The utilisation of original Thailand herbal stamps contributes towards alleviation of muscular pain. The energy flow is strengthened, while the metabolism and blood flow are stimulated.

Anyone who is interested now and would like to relax in an exotic manner should definitely try it out themselves.

Please arrange your desired appointment with us by telephone in the time from 8 am to 8 pm

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Service: when booking a massage or treatment (from 60 minutes) you will receive a free herbal stamp massage with the RostockCARD

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Hong Fa Thai Massagen
Grubenstrasse 57
18055 Rostock

Tel.:0381 - 44693311


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