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Homeland Museum Warnemünde

Homeland Museum Warnemünde
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The Heimatmuseum (Homeland Museum) in Warnemünde was founded in 1914 and provides an insight into the lives of seafarers, fishermen and navigators, and shows the development of bathing in the coastal area. This exhibition can be seen in an old house in Warnemünde that was built in the 18th Century and extended in the 19th century.


Opening times:

  • October to April: Tuesday to Sunday: 10am to 5pm
  • May to September: Tuesday to Sunday: 10am to 6pm

Entry: Adults: €3.00
Children and students: €1.50, Families: €6.00

Tours: Tours for adults: €2.00 per person

Tours for children: €1.00 per child

German and English audio guides are available.


Permanent exhibitions

History of Warnemünde - from the lives of sailors, fishermen and navigators to the development of bathing

How did people in Warnemünde used to live? What did a typical sitting room, kitchen or bedroom look like? Look at selected historical objects in the original fishermen’s and sailors’ house from 1767. As a town of sailors, navigators and fishermen, people in Warnemünde lived very dangerous lives. How did they combat this? This permanent exhibition takes place in an area of 240m2 and invites you to discover the history of the town.

address & contact

Heimatmuseum Warnemünde
Alexandrinenstraße 31
18119 Warnemünde

Tel.:0381- 52 66 7

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