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Everyman Festival in Wismar

Everyman Festival in Wismar Everyman Festival in Wismar Everyman Festival in Wismar
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“Everyman” is an entertaining and colourful spectacle depicting the death of a rich man that cannot be more contemporary in terms of wit and roguery.

“Everyman!” Everyone must follow this inexorable call of death, no matter how rich, mighty or wealthy he is.

Everyman is a rich man who lives opulently from the “interest and benefits” of his possessions. His banquets and feasts are lauded. He builds an expensive house for his beloved. He does not listen to admonitions and good words of advice. Everyman is sybaritic and egotistical. His motto: I take what I want immediately, because there is nothing which cannot be bought with money.

But then he is suddenly confronted with death, and he is painfully aware that all of his supposed friends turn their back on him. Money and promises do not help. His wealth can do nothing at all and has become worthless.

The breath-taking Church of St. George in Wismar provides the setting for this hard-hitting play about life.

There is also a special performance for the deaf and people with hearing impairment, with live translation into German sign language on 1 August 2015 at 4 pm.

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c/o Hansekontor Wismar GmbH
Lübsche Straße 95
23966 Wismar

Tel.:03841/222 890
Fax:03841/222 977

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