Rostock Heath

With more than 60 kilometres of cycle paths and hiking routes, the Rostock Heath is a dream area for cyclists and hikers. The 6,000-hectare forest – the largest continuous coastal forest here in Germany – provides a soothing mixture of sea air and forest air, as well as an original natural experience that speaks to all your senses. You’ll come to know the natural wonders – both big and small – of domestic forests while on the adventure trails and the thalassotherapy spa trails.

Woods in the Rostock heath

One of the largest city forests

Hardly any other German city has a larger city forest than Rostock. The Rostock Heath, stretching right from the Baltic coast of Markgrafenheide through to the Baltic resort of Graal-Müritz, measures in at around 6,000 hectares.

By bike through Rostock Heath

Unique leisure area

Once a hunting area and wood reservoir for the construction of houses and ships, the Rostock Heath today is a unique leisure area for hiking and cycling.

Nature conservation in Rostock heath

Nature conservation

The entire Rostock Heath has been a protected landscape since 1996. The conservation areas of Radelsee, Heiligensee/Hütelmoor and Schnatermann all lie within the Rostock Heath.

Hiking in Rostock heath

Pure nature

Hardly any cities in Germany have a town forest larger than the one in Rostock. Rostock Heath measures around 6,000 hectares and extends directly along the Baltic coast, from Markgrafenheide to the Baltic Sea resort of Graal-Müritz. In 1252, the rich Hanseatic City of Rostock purchased the area from Prince Borwin III for just 450 mark pennies.

A former hunting ground and wood storage area for the construction of houses and boats, the Rostock Heath is now a unique recreation area for walking and cycling. It is a diverse and varied landscape with beech and pine forests, wet mires and sea sand.

The 87 kilometres of walking and cycling paths and 60 kilometres of riding paths are perfect for individual tours. Centuries-old trees, shaped by the wind, can be marvelled at. Alder swamps guard the meadow areas of the “Hütelmoor” conservation area. Some of the rare types of fauna are kites, sea eagles and common lizards.

Destination for excursions

With its unique flora and fauna, Rostock Heath is a marvellous place to walk along the Baltic coast. The well-built paths also provide the best conditions for cyclists to discover the unique nature of the coastal landscape by the Baltic Sea.

Discovery trail in the heath

Popular journey destinations in Rostock Heath:

  • The Schnatermann restaurant (approx. 5km)
  • The Forst- und Köhlerhof Wiethagen, with a tar smouldering museum and a sculpture trail (approx. 8km)
  • Baltic Sea spa resort of Graal-Müritz (approx. 12km)
  • Gelbensande (Yellow Sands) Hunting Lodge, in the style of an English country home - there are many exhibitions in this former summer residence of the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg (approx. 13km)

Activities and leisure

The special coastal forest climate in Rostock Heath is ideal for staying outdoors and provides the best conditions for all activities.

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