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Facts and information about Rostock

Rostock is an independent city in the North of Germany, by the Baltic Sea. It is located within the Mecklenburg part of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Rostock is a regiopolis and has around 205,000 inhabitants, making it the largest city in the region in terms of population. The city stretches for 20km along the Warnow River up to the Baltic Sea. The most developed part of Rostock lies on the western side of the Warnow. The eastern part of the city is distinguished by its international port, commercial sites and the Rostock Heath forest.

The city has a Baltic Sea port which is important for ferry traffic and cargo handling, and Warnemünde boasts Germany’s largest cruise ship harbour. Rostock-Laage Airport feeds the cruise ships with passengers and is important for holiday and business flights. Rostock is the most culturally and economically important city in the region. It is shaped by its position by the sea, a lively cosmopolitan cultural scene and the University of Rostock, which was founded in 1419 and is therefore the oldest university in the Baltic Sea region.

Rostock’s economy is dominated by cutting edge technologies such as biotechnology and air/space travel technologies as well as shipbuilding and navigation, mechanical engineering, tourism, the service industry and the university, together with the ‘Universitätsmedizin’ hospital and medical research centre, which is Rostock’s largest employer. Innovative start-up businesses and the founding culture of Rostock are the key to the region’s future sustainability.


  • Federal state: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

  • Height: 14m above sea level

  • Surface area: 181.28km²

  • Inhabitants: 204,167 (31st December 2014)[1]

  • Population density: 1126 inhabitants per km²

  • Postcodes: 18001–18182

  • Dialling codes: 0381, 038202, 038206

  • Vehicle registration: HRO

  • Municipality key:  13 0 03 000

  • City structure: 21 city areas

  • City administration address: Neuer Markt 1, 18050 Rostock

  • Website:

  • Mayor: Roland Methling (independent)



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