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City partnerships

Rostock has had a city partnership with Bremen since 1987 and within the European Union it has more: Szczecin in Poland since 1957, Turku in Finland since 1959, Dunkirk in France since 1960, Riga in Latvia since 1961, Antwerp in Belgium since 1963, Aarhus in Denmark since 1964, Gothenburg in Sweden since 1965, Rijeka in Croatia and Varna in Bulgaria since 1966. In 2014, on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a city partnership with Guldborgsund in Denmark was announced.[40]

Outside of the European Union, Rostock has had a partnership with Bergen in Norway since 1965, Dailan in the People's Republic of China since 1988 and Raleigh (North Carolina) in the USA since 2001.

Rostock is part of the ‘Neue Hanse’ (New Hanseatic League) international community of towns and cities, and a member of the Covenant of Mayors.


Current city partnerships:

  • Aarhus, Denmark, partner city since 1964
  • Antwerp, Belgium, partner city since 1963
  • Bergen, Norway, partner city since 1965
  • Bremen, Germany, partner city since 1987
  • Dailan, China, partner city since 1988
  • Gothenburg, Sweden, partner city since 1965
  • Guldborgsund, Denmark, partner city since 2014
  • Raleigh, USA, partner city since 2001
  • Riga, Latvia, partner city since 1961
  • Rijeka, Croatia, partner city since 1966
  • Town community Dunkirk, France, partner city since 1960
  • Szczecin, Poland, partner city since 1957
  • Turku, Finland, partner city since 1959
  • Varna, Bulgaria, partner city since 1966


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