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Maintenance companies in Rostock

Services and maintenance in Rostock

Fresh sea sir, the blue water of the Warnow River and the Baltic Sea, and the dense greenery of the many parks are what distinguish Rostock. It is not without reason that Rostock is known as the “green city by the sea”.

In order to maintain this high standard, the city has been implementing numerous measures over the past few years to monitor air pollution and protect the environment. The development of the ÖPNV routes and the expansion of pedestrian zones and cycle paths has alleviated congestion in the city centre and reduced road traffic. These and other measures are constantly increasing the standard of living in the city.

The dense network of maintenance companies, whose work reflects Rostock’s growing environmental awareness, ensures a high standard of living in this green city.

Regional utilities company Stadtwerke Rostock AG supplies its customers with reliable and environmentally-friendly power, natural gas and district heating.

Eurawasser is responsible for the water supply. Special emphasis is placed on quality and a safe sewage disposal system.

Rostock’s municipal waste collection service ensures that the city is kept clean and that the environment is protected.


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