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Health - Rostock

The healthy climate by the Baltic Sea does not just please locals in Rostock; it also attracts many visitors to the North all year round. A medical network of hospitals, doctors and healthcare workers ensure that there is a comprehensive local healthcare system.

In Rostock, there are two hospitals, Rostock University’s medical centre with over 1000 beds and the ‘Klinikum Südstadt’ with around 500 beds. Together around 800 doctors in various different fields and over 3500 non-medical staff in both clinics ensure a professional medical service. In 2012, around 3,000 babies were delivered by the team of doctors at Rostock’s hospitals. In addition, there are about 400 private-practice doctors and 200 dentists in the city. Over 50 chemists provide residents and guests with medication.

Rostock is an active member of the ‘Healthy Cities Network’ This network is a voluntary association of municipalities and builds on the WHO Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion initiative of 1986, with the goal of anchoring health promotion firmly in local politics. The members are coordinated by the health department.



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