Living in the Hansa flair City

The City of Rostock is a very popular place to live, and both long-time residents as well as newcomers to Rostock love it here. The city by the Baltic Sea also draws in students, apprentices in their vocational training and other people from all over the world looking for an exciting new place to call their home. Each of the city’s different districts has its own unique character and feel and offers all possible amenities. Whether you are looking for a home for a family or an affordable place for a student, whether you are looking for an old building with a classic flair or a modern architectural marvel, the flair of the Hansa City has the perfect place for you.

An attractive place to live and work

With many recreational opportunities for children and adults alike. Rostock knows how to charm. Numerous museums, theatres and events attract culture enthusiasts to come and relax.

Neuer Markt with city hall in Rostock

Feeling good at any age

Depending on the personal preferences and requirements, families, students and seniors can live comfortably in the lively city centre, in apartments near the centre or slightly further away in the country.

Sunset at the coastal forest

A city with many facets

The over 800-year-old city with its 31 districts is extremely diverse. Those who move to Rostock and look for a place to live will be helped by the city’s housing companies. With our housing search facility in Rostock, you will find the right housing space for your needs.


Living in the most popular parts of Rostock

Local & central

In the historic city centre, you will find trendy restaurants, the popular ‘Kröpeliner Straße’ shopping street and the main building of the University of Rostock. On foot, you can reach the heart of the old town from the housing in the ‘Steintor-Vorstadt’ area: this central living quarter has all the facilities you will need on a daily basis, as well as many schools and childcare establishments. Just a stone’s throw from the city centre, the central station area also has a wide range of spacious apartments.

Rose garden in Rostock

Living in the countryside

This area is connected to the south of the city: the prefabricated housing complexes constructed in the 1960s have been completely modernised in recent years. Meanwhile, spacious green areas shape the appearance of Reutershagen, a district with 18,000 inhabitants. The houses and apartments in Gehlsdorf are also surrounded by greenery. Opposite the old town on the shore of the Warnow River, Gehlsdorf has charming, quiet housing complexes and appealing sport and leisure facilities.

Doberaner Platz in the Kröpeliner Tor Vorstadt

Trendy neighbourhood KTV

In the area where farmland spread 150 years ago, the hip Kröpeliner Tor Vorstadt (short KTV) quarter now enjoys great popularity thanks to trendy shops and an interesting cultural scene, especially amongst students.


Living in the Hanseatic City

Those who move to Rostock and look for a place to live will be helped by the city’s housing companies. With our housing search facility in Rostock, you will find the right housing space for your needs.

In the historic old town, the ‘Gründerzeit’ era of the almost 800-year-old city is revived and the popular KTV area is shaped by its student atmosphere. Here you will find everything from cosy 1-bedroom flats to comfortable 5-room apartments with modern living comfort. Those who would like to have a direct view of the sea can move to Warnemünde. The seaside resort of Warnemünde is a very popular part of Rostock and has lots to offer: healthy sea air, a beautiful sandy beach and the Baltic Sea right on your doorstep. You can live well here. This is what makes housing here very sought-after. Keep up to date and let us inform you of current housing opportunities in Warnemünde and Rostock.

Wohnen an der Warnow in Rostock
Restaurant at Rostock city harbour

Offices & services

City hall of rostock

Online service of the town hall

Complete your official government transactions digitally or read up your questions online. The service area of the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock offers you a comprehensive overview of the services of the city hall.

Find the right place to live in Rostock

Those who are looking for good-value housing in Rostock will often strike a bonanza in Dierkow in the northeast of the city, near the relaxation area of Rostock Heath. The proximity to the Baltic Sea is also evident in the north-west of Rostock: from Lichtenhagen with its restored prefabricated buildings or Lütten Klein with its row of nightclubs and cinemas, the sea is just ten minutes away.

You can live even closer to the water in the Seaside Resort of Warnemünde: each year, the charm of this former fishing village attracts thousands of holidaymakers. Whether you want a home for the entire family, a quiet place to enjoy your retirement or somewhere to invest, in Rostock you will find property of different sizes and with different furnishing in diverse housing complexes.

Those who want to rent a well-furnished living area at a moderate price can turn to the housing companies in Rostock. Local estate agents will also be happy to help you in your housing search. However, there are also many wonderful houses and apartments for sale near the Baltic Sea, without commission fees.

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