Advantages of the spa card & information on the spa tax

One contribution - many advantages: as in almost all German spa resorts, a spa tax is also levied in the Rostock seaside resorts (Warnemünde, Hohe Düne, Markgrafenheide and Diedrichshagen). The spa tax is an important financial contribution to the maintenance and improvement of the tourist and spa infrastructure. As a thank you for their contribution, holidaymakers enjoy numerous benefits with local partners as well as free/discounted use of many services provided by the Rostock & Warnemünde Tourist Board.

Your advantages at a glance

Visitors tax Rostock Warnemünde

Your contribution

The amount of the spa tax is calculated per day during your stay. The days of arrival and departure count together as one day. You pay the spa tax directly to your landlord, who then pays it to the tourist office Rostock & Warnemünde and hands out the spa card.

Seaside resorts: Warnemünde, Diedrichshagen, Markgrafenheide & Hohe Düne

Full-payer: adult €2.25 per day

Reduced: youths/students/disabled persons from 50% €1.50 per day

Family at the Teepot building in Warnemünde

Reduction of spa tax apply to

1. Persons who have reached the age of 16, if they are in school or vocational training, if they are in compulsory military or civilian service, or if they are students having not yet reached the age of 27 years.
2. severely disabled persons with a GdB of at least 50%.

Exemption of spa tax apply to

Exemption of spa tax apply to

1. residents of Rostock with their main and secondary residence.
2. grandparents, parents, siblings, children and children's children as well as their family members of persons who have their main residence in the survey area
3. severely disabled persons with a degree of disability (GdB) of at least 80 % with the following marks: B, H, aG or GL and their accompanying person
4. persons who are staying in Rostock in the context of an educational, work or service relationship
5. day visitors without overnight stay as well as persons passing through who arrive after 8 pm and leave before 9 am of the following day
6. participants in conferences, seminars, congresses, courses and sporting competitions

More service and benefits with the spa tax

With the spa tax, guests make their own contribution to their pleasant holiday. The collection of the spa tax makes a significant contribution to raising the necessary financial resources to constantly increase the quality of the stay and to maintain the tourist services.

These include in particular

  • beach management
  • the operation of tourist information centres
  • water rescue services
  • the redesignation of the therapy path network in the entire seaside resort area
  • the development of barrier-free beach access
  • the further development of environmental management
  • the expansion of the year-round events programme
  • free use of the beaches from Diedrichshagen to Graal-Müritz
  • numerous discounts and benefits with many local service partners

These advantages and services can be used by the guests of all Rostock seaside resorts (Warnemünde, Hohe Düne, Markgrafenheide and Diedrichshagen). We thank you for your contribution and wish you a pleasant stay!


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