Thalasso therapy trails Warnemünde & Rostock Heath

In the seaside resort Warnemünde, at nature reserve Stoltera and Rostock Heath, Baltic air meets forest air. This mild stimulating climate offers ideal conditions for a healthy and health-promoting stay.

Healthy walking between the baltic sea and coastal forest

10 different thalasso therapy trails on sandy and forest soil as well as in the surf zone are assessed in terms of performance physiology. On these trails, health-promoting, fresh air and exercise treatments (in a healing climate) are possible and contributes to the improvement of overall performance. Through the interplay of movement, relaxation and climatic influences, targeted treatment takes place.

Thalasso audio tours

Discover the spa routes with the Audio-Guides der izi.TRAVEL App. Easy exercises and interesting facts about the region ensure an entertaining and relaxing hiking experience.

Advices & Recommendation for healthy climate hiking & walking

1. Exercises and movement in fresh air is a benefit for everyone in every season.
2. Walking in the forest provides protection of sun and wind. Let your body calm down.
3. Air in surf zone is constantly in motion and comprises natural aerosol. Spending time near the surf zone is like using a vaporizer.
4. The edge of the sea offers purest air. Persons suffering from allergies can breathe in easily.
5. Walking is good exercise for your joints and muscles. A walk along the beach and against the wind can be more demanding than a walk in the forest on solid ground.
6. According to the season we recommend to wear appropriate clothing and boots.

We hope you enjoy hiking and walking in the healing climate!

Flyer Thalasso Therapy Trails

Relaxing at the beach

The baltic sea climate of Warnemünde has a particulary beneficial effect on:

  • cardiovascular disorders
  • illness of the respiratory tract
  • skin ailments
  • metabolic disorders
  • osteoporosis
  • strengthening of the immune system and own efficiency
Hiking in Rostock Heath

The 10 thalasso therapy trails

  • 4 Thalasso Therapy Trails through Diedrichshagen and Warnemünde (Nr. 1, 2, 6, 9)
  • 6 Thalasso Therapy Trails through Hohe Düne, Markgrafenheide and the Rostocker Heide

Thalasso therapy trail 1 - Stoltera and Wilhelmshöhe

Thalasso therapy trail 2 - At the Baltic beach and through the seaside resort of Diedrichshagen

Thalasso therapy trail 3 - Coastal forest, moor and heath

Thalasso therapy trail 4 - Dunes, sea and coastal forest in the seaside resort Markgrafenheide

Thalasso therapy trail 5 - Hohe Düne to Markgrafenheide

Thalasso therapy trail 6 - From the seaside resort of Warnemünde to Wilhelmshöhe

Thalasso therapy trails 7 - Coastal forest, moor and heath

Thalasso therapy trail 8 - Curative climate, sandy beach and seaside resort

Thalasso therapy trail 9 - Seaside resort Warnemünde

Thalasso therapy trail 10 - Schnaterman trail

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