The power of the sea & climate effects - Thalasso at the Baltic Sea

Thalasso uses the power of the sea with its enormous potential of trace elements, vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids. Combined with the special climatic conditions at the Baltic Sea, a healthpromoting effect on the organism and an improvement of well-being unfolds. Thalasso is ideal for prevention and therapy.

Treat yourself to this natural thalasso pampering program and experience the effects of sea power and climatic stimulus beneficial to your health all year round here in Warnemünde!

If you have any questions about indications and contraindications, please contact our health pilot or our spa doctors.

The sea climate

The constantly blowing wind, the cool air, the increased UV radiation and the high humidity on the coast form the mild stimulating climate typical of the Baltic Sea.

The sea air

Fresh and slightly salty tasting, it stimulates the metabolism and the immune system. The wind carries maritime aerosols that reach deep into the bronchial tubes through breathing, where they have an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect. Especially in the surf zone, the sea air contains hardly any pollutants or pollen - beneficial for strengthened and deeper breathing, even for allergy sufferers.

The seawater

In addition to sodium, Baltic Sea water also contains other numerous minerals and vital trace elements. During a seawater bath, the skin can absorb and process these nanoparticles particularly well. Antiinflammatory processes of the skin are stimulated. The impact of the waves strengthens the muscles and tightens the skin, the cold stimulus hardens and strengthens the immune system.

Sea silt

Particularly rich in mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins, sea silt heated and applied as a pack can reduce many kinds of skin problems. The gray clay-like, ointment-like mass clings to the skin and, due to its excellent heat retention capacity, can also relieve tension and diseases of the joints. It should be applied as part of a professional treatment.


Due to their lack of roots, algae absorb trace elements and minerals in high concentrations from seawater over their entire surface. In external use as a pack, peeling or in baths, they promote blood circulation and smooth the skin and moisturize it.

Thalasso as prevention

  • Movement
  • Relaxation
  • Deceleration
  • Beauty
  • Wellness

Thalasso as therapy

  • Heart, circulatory and metabolic disorders
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and rheumatism
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Stress and exhaustion
  • Sleep disorders
  • Weight and skin problems
  • Menopausal complaints

Experience thalasso naturally

  • Hiking on the thalasso therapy trails on the beach and in the coastal forest
  • Barefoot walking in the sand & in the surf zone
  • Water-treading
  • Sand peeling
  • Yoga on the beach
  • Relaxation exercises in the sand
  • Breathing exercises in the surf zone
  • Collecting shells and stones
  • Resting in the beach chair
  • Beach sports at the Active Beach
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