Warnemünde - The thalasso seaside resort

Take a deep breath and treat yourself to a well-deserved break with a deliberate break by the sea. In Warnemünde and its adjacent seaside resorts Diedrichhagen, Hohe Düne and Markgrafenheide you will find the perfect environment for a vacation with a special added value for your health!

The mild bracing climate of the Baltic Sea lets you relax and unwind. Allergy sufferers have it easy, because there are hardly any harmful substances or pollen. In summer it is rarely muggy, but there is almost always a pleasant wind. Even after a short walk in the salty air you will feel more carefree - especially in the dark season. The winter blues has little chance here. Do not be afraid of the cold - it is an additional attraction for a healthy stay at the Baltic Sea. Stroll on the piers into the sea. Treat yourself to exercise directly in the sand or in the water. Be there when events on the beach invite you to an active vacation.

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The healing power of the sea

Yoga exercises on the beach of Warnemünde

Thalasso - A gift of nature

The ancient Greeks already relied on the healing power of the ocean. They called it ‘thalasso’, which later led to what you can experience in Warnemünde today: Thalassotherapy. It uses seawater, the ocean climate, algae, sun and wind. The closer you get to the waves, the healthier your walk on the beach becomes, because there, the sea spray carries essential minerals and trace elements, also called aerosols, from the seawater – merely breathing becomes therapy.

Yoga on the Baltic Sea beach

Thalasso cure at the baltic sea

Appreciate the sound of the waves. Explore the Thalasso therapy hiking pathways in Warnemünde and the Rostock Heath. Treat yourself to a relaxing swim in a pool with warmed Baltic Sea water or an algae treatment. Regardless of whether you are in top form or recovering after an illness – Thalasso is always beneficial. In Warnemünde, we know all about it.

Yoga on the Baltic Sea beach

Tips for a healthy stay at the seaside

Sense how it works: Warnemünde is the closest you can get to the Baltic Sea. Just a few steps to the beach, with the rolling waves right outside your door – every day, whatever the weather. Ample opportunities to be active and relax. Always enthralling, always healthy:

  • do some surf hiking
  • benefit from sand scrubs
  • meditate on the beach
  • walk on the mole
  • enjoy a Thalasso hike on the beach and in the coastal forest
  • have a relaxing air bath in a wicker beach chair
  • participate in water sports for all ages
Healthy walking at the Baltic Sea

Thalasso therapy trails

The Warnemünde Baltic Sea climate is particularly healing. Ten thalasso spa trails offer ideal conditions for healthy walking between the Baltic Sea and the coastal forest.

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View over the Baltic Sea


In the seaside resort Warnemünde, at nature reserve Stoltera and the Rostocker Heide, Baltic air meets forest air. This mild stimulating climate offers ideal conditions for a healthy and health-promoting stay.

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Thalasso competence for well-being

In addition to the natural factors of the Baltic Sea, in Warnemünde you will experience competent care in preventive and medical-therapeutic health offers as well as sustainable pampering programmes.

Three local spa physicians with comprehensive thalassotherapy expertise, climate therapists, physiotherapists, medical specialists and alternative practitioners have many years of experience in the integration of the healthy marine climate. The range of therapies on offer extends from thalassotherapy cures, stress management, the treatment of metabolism, skin, cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system to outpatient bathing cures, manual therapy, osteopathy and much more. In addition, you will enjoy beneficial thalassotherapy, wellness and pampering treatments in qualified hotels, which will make your stay a unique holiday. The Hotel NEPTUN is the first certified original Thalasso centre in Germany. You can experience Thalasso in Warnemünde in all its naturalness and variety.

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Rostock heath

Three climate zones in a small space

The Rostock Heath is located in the immediate vicinity of Rostock, and with about 6,000 hectares it is Germany's largest closed coastal forest directly on the Baltic Sea.

It has a uniquely mild bracing climate that is good for your health and active recreation.

Discover Rostock Heath

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Activities & experiences in Rostock

Ships and the strolling mile city harbour, brick Gothic and merchants' houses stand for the typical Hanseatic coastal flair of Rostock and Warnemünde. They still convey a genuine Nordic, maritime attitude to life today. A wide variety of experiences awaits all guests: families with children, young or active couples, with peace and quiet and relaxation or with action and adventure. Discover the liveable Hanseatic and university city of Rostock with all your senses. Explore Rostock with its four seaside resorts on an exciting guided tour - on land or water, on a romantic evening walk in the salty Baltic Sea air or, of course, with culinary delicacies from the region.

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