Fishing on the Rostock Baltic coast

Anglers in Rostock have the choice between the high seas or the Warnow. Good luck!

From zander to sea trout

The Baltic Sea coast also offers this: here you can indulge in a relaxing hobby with a fishing rod. Anglers in Rostock have the choice between the high seas or the Warnow, a river that stretches from Rostock city centre to Warnemünde. In the Warnow water, zander, perch, eel and lead are the main fish, and sometimes a flounder gets lost. In the Baltic Sea, with a bit of luck, you can catch cod, sea trout, herring or flounder.

Tourists can try their hand at fishing on the coast without any previous experience, perhaps on a fishing boat. In any case, a tourist fishing licence (€24) and a fishing permit (water card) for the Lower Warnow and inland waters or for the coast are required. Both are available at the tourist information offices in the city centre and in Warnemünde.

Fishing Rostock Warnemünde

What do anglers in Rostock & Warnemünde need for their hobby?

Anglers need two documents in Rostock:

  • the tourist fishing licence (for adults and young people from 14 years of age)
  • a fishing permit for the desired body of water.

In principle, a fishing permit is required for every body of water in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Our service for anglers

Fishing licence:

with the valid permit for the calendar year | € 24
Renewal for 28 days at a time | € 13

Fishing permits:

Fishing permits for coastal waters (Baltic Sea):
Day: € 6 | Week: € 12 | Year: Adulds € 30, Severly disabled € 10, Youth < 18 years € 10

Fishing permits for Unterwarnow:
Day: € 5 | Week: € 10 | Year: Adulds € 25, Severly disabled € 10, Youth < 18 years € 10

Children and youths up to 14 years of age may fish alone without a fishing licence, but require a fishing permit for the water. They do not need a fishing permit if they fish in the company of an adult who has a fishing permit and a valid fishing licence.

Where can I get the documents for anglers?

On site

The tourist fishing licence and the fishing permit are issued for you at the tourist information offices in the city centre, in Warnemünde and in Markgrafenheide. You present your identity card and fill out the application for a fishing licence and pay in cash or by EC or credit card.

Dispatch by post after advance payment
Tourist fishing licences and fishing permits

For the issue of a tourist fishing licence, the following documents are required from each angler up to 21 days before the fishing date:

  • Application for a temporary fishing licence (tourist fishing licence) with signature
  • - Copy of identity card (front and back) Please make a note of your telephone number and e-mail address in case you have any questions! For the fishing permit, please indicate the type and specific date (day / week / year + date). Print out application, fill in and scan. Do not forget your signature and the date. Please scan both sides of the identity card or passport and send everything (not by FAX) to:

via e-mail:

by post:
Hafen- und Seemannsamt Rostock
PSF 48 10 46, 18132 Rostock
Tel. +49 (0) 381 381 8703

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