Warnemünde seaside resort

The Warnemünde seaside resort is about 15 km away from the city centre of Rostock and impresses with original fishermen's houses and maritime flair.

Barrier-free paths in Warnemünde

The promenade, the lighthouse forecourt, as well as the paths to the pier can be accessed on wide, level paths. Coming from the railway station and the cruise terminal, the recommended route is along the Alter Strom towards the beach. The condition of the upper path here is more suitable for wheelchairs. The Warnemünde Museum of Local History has barrier-free access via a mobile ramp (bell in front of the museum) and the interior of the exhibition is accessible by wheelchair. The cruise terminal can be reached via the barrier-free station tunnel. A car and pedestrian ferry runs between Warnemünde and Hohe Düne. The wheelchair-accessible east pier and the marina are located in Hohe Düne.

fully accessible in Rostock
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