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City of Lakes and Forests, Florence of the North, Residential City; Schwerin has many names.

And they all fit, of course.

This is because the smallest regional capital in Germany proves itself to guests to be a successful mixture of nature and architecture, major and minor art and the testimonies to its 850-year history.

Those who stroll across the cobblestones on the marketplace, peer down the narrow alleyways and gaze in astonishment at the fairytale castle quickly notice that in Schwerin there is lots to see, do and experience.

People often stroll along the waterside, which displays itself in many places in the most beautiful shade of blue.

Those who are fond of culture will be enchanted by the city, with its theatre and minor arts, museums and the wonderful “Schlossfestspiele” performances, during which the old garden becomes an opera stage every summer.

It is well worth it! Set the stage for a city experience that you will enjoy with all your senses.

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