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Accessible city tours

You can find out more precise information about signposting, access, door widths, car parks, toilets and lifts at sights and journey destinations in the information network of the Verein Ohne Barrieren e.V. by visiting, or by calling the Tourism for All service centre on +49 (0)381 40 30 -676 oder -677.

City centre

The pedestrian zone in the city centre from Kröpeliner Tor to the New Market is completely wheelchair accessible due to its even paving. Here you will find numerous shops and restaurants, as well as the Marienkirche and the Abbey of the Holy Cross.

Town Hall

The town hall can be viewed during the administration working hours. The bell for wheelchair access is to the right, next to the main entrance.

Marienkirche with astronomical clock

The main entrance is fitted with a ramp (two lanes).
Tel: +49 (0) 381 51089711 |

Abbey of the holy Cross (Cultural History Museum)

The abbey is located in the inner courtyard behind the university building. Assistance will be required to cross the cobblestones at the end of the path. The bell for wheelchair access is located to the left on the building wall (3m from the main entrance). Inside, the museum is wheelchair accessible.
Tel: +49 (0) 381 203590 |

Eastern old town

The oldest town quarter in Rostock is located to the east of the town hall, framed by the Middle-Age city wall and the imposing brick churches of St. Petri and St. Nikolai. The old town is on very hilly terrain, with many narrow streets and cobblestones. The direct path from the city centre is not wheelchair accessible, due to the nature of the streets and the inclines. As an alternative, access by car to the Petrikirche is recommended (disabled parking spaces are available).

Petrikirche viewing tower

An elevator leads to the wheelchair-accessible viewing platform, which is 44m high. The access way leads to the South Portal, which is at ground level (please report to the main portal for assistance from the church staff).
Tel: +49 (0)381 21101 |

City harbour

The area, with the sailing port, along the Unterwarnow estuary is popular for walking and admiring the views. Because of the slopes coming from the city centre, routes via Krämerstraße and Grubenstraße, the “Grünen Tor” street or direct access by car are recommended. Please note: in the city harbour area, there are currently no disabled toilets.


Accessible city tours

“Mobile Rostock” project - MoRo

Notifications and information: Caritas Mecklenburg e. V. (Rostock) | Tel: +49 (0)381 454720 | |


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