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Tips for blind and visually impaired visitors

Old Town Model

Old Town Model

The bronze model behind the Marienkirche provides a tangible overview of the city centre of Rostock. The model has been provided with Braille writing and the site is marked with a well-noticeable ball.

“Great African Journey” sculpture

In front of the warehouses in the city harbour is the “Great African Journey” sculpture, which was designed by sculptor Jo Jastram, with life-sized figures.

Glockenspiel at the Universitätsplatz

The glockenspiel by the five-gabled house at the Universitätsplatz is made from 32 bells that ring every Saturday at 12pm for 30 minutes.


The DARWINEUM has markings on the doors and stairs, as well as path limitation that can be felt by touch. The variety of animals at Rostock Zoo provides an impressive acoustic experience.

FC Hansa Rostock (DKB Arena)

In the DKB Arena Rostock there are several seats with audio description available.


General information: Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania | Tel: +49 (0)381 778980 |


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