Wholesale Market Rostock

The wholesale market Rostock GmbH organizes the Rostock Christmas market, the largest in northern Germany, as well as other numerous traditional folk and harbor festivals in and outside the Hanseatic city. Likewise, it is responsible for the market area of the Hanse Sail for 20 years. Overall, managed by the wholesale market Rostock GmbH events are visited each year by millions of guests.

Moreover, the municipal company 14 weekly markets is responsible. This also includes the Warnemünde fish market, which is held every weekend on the middle pier.

And last but not least, the company operates the urban wholesale market in the freight village.


address & contact

Wholesale Market Rostock
Hanseatenstraße 5
18146 Rostock


+49 (0) 381 609030+49 (0) 381 609030

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