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Located right in the heart of Warnemünde, in recent years vital & physio has created a professional venue for health tourism in the region. Own products such as the Seglermassage© (“Sailor’s Massage”) and the vital & physio massage© have been developed as special vital & physio highlights. In addition to holistic medical treatment we offer wellness arrangements, prevention courses and occupational health concepts.


Outpatient spa treatment in Warnemünde

A stay at a spa offers quite a few things for your health, but where can it take place and what does it include? Have you also ever thought about a spa treatment, but have not yet been able to find the right location? Then you have found just the right place at the vital & physio spa and health centre in Warnemünde. The location already became a seaside resort in the early 19th century and looks back on a 160-year tradition as a spa.

We offer you comprehensive support during outpatient spa treatment. Here in Warnemünde you have the opportunity to reside in a hotel or a holiday apartment (also accommodations certified by the “Campaign for Healthier Backs” (AGR); suitable for back comfort) for the duration of the spa treatment (approx. 2-3 weeks).

The vital & physio spa and health centre works closely together with several physicians and pharmacists in the course of outpatient spa treatment. Much more intensive therapy is possible here than previously in your place of residence, i.e. you also only receive spa treatment if your attending physician confirms that the previous treatment in the place of residence could not yield the desired success from a medical point of view. The pronounced main objective of spa treatment is prevention. We would like to help your to support the preservation of your health.

Outpatient spa treatment encompasses extensive examinations by spa physicians in Warnemünde and cooperating physicians for general medicine and naturopathic treatment. You can obtain intensive physical therapies as well as numerous measures for long-term prevention at vital & physio. In addition, the Warnemünde Spa Pharmacy supports us.

The sea and forest climate as well as the seawater at the seaside resort Warnemünde have an effect on your body. The location’s climactic properties and air quality are monitored and therefore support your convalescence and recovery. The Baltic Sea bathing water has a very good quality which is constantly controlled. There is a guarded bathing beach in front of the facility. On the beach promenade, in the spa park and the other parks in Warnemünde or directly on the beach you can relax quite well during an extended walk.

Physical therapy includes the following methods with regard to the respective indications (only by way of example):


  • Manual therapy (MT) with blockages
  • Exercise therapy/physiotherapy: breathing therapy, exercise therapy using a sling table, also group therapy, gait training
  • Massage therapy
  • Heat therapy (“fango” mudpack, hot roll, medicinal chalk from Rügen)
  • Traction (extension)
  • Electrotherapy
  • Ultrasound (US)
  • Inhalation therapy
  • Cryotherapy


  • Respiratory tract diseases
  • Endoprotheses - follow-up treatment
  • Skin diseases
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Diseases in childhood age
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Sleep disorders
  • Overweight
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Migraines
  • Need for rehabilitation

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