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Ships and merchants' houses convey the typical Hanseatic coastal flair and maritime lifestyle in Rostock and Warnemünde. As a family with children, young or active couples, experience peace and relaxation as well as action and adventure. Collect authentic experiences and discover the liveable Hanseatic and University City of Rostock with all your senses. Explore Rostock with its four seaside resorts on an exciting guided tour of the city over wood and stone, a romantic evening walk in the salty Baltic Sea air or with culinary delicacies from the region.


The Supremesurf shop in Rostock’s city centre in the Eselföterstraße 26 and has all the right materials for windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddling and surfing. The popular sports longboarding and skimboarding are also represented in the wide product range.

The most current fashion is available in different brands at the Supremesurf shop. In addition, Supremesurf has a variety of services, such as the snowboard service and surfboard and sail repairs.

The Supremesurf shop in Rostock is your point of contact for expert advice on water sports, snowboarding and longboarding.

Other Supremesurf locations are situated right by the beach in Warnemünde and in Saal, by the ‘Saaler Bodden’, where on-site instruction and kit hire is provided.

The Supremesurf Beachhouse in Warnemünde combines beach life with a surf school, shop, and a rental and service centre - right by one of the most beautiful beaches on the Baltic coast and in a central location. People who aren’t into water sports are also welcome to enjoy a cold drink at the Beachhouse bar.

The Surfbus station is in Saal, right on the inner shore near Ribnitz-Damgarten. The red double-decker bus is not just a Supremesurf trademark, but it is also a surf school, shop, hire and test centre, and a cafe, all in one. Saal, and the shallow waters of the inner bay, provide the ideal conditions for the water sport, as a shallow water area also mainly for beginners.

Supremesurf provides windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and stand up paddling lessons. The focus of the training concept is on safety, efficiency and maximum water time. Lessons are carried out with the most up to date material and by licensed instructors, taking place at the Beachhouse in Warnemünde and the Surfbus in Saal.

The ferry waves in Warnemünde are worth a special mention, as they are unique to Germany with their two-hour rhythm when they roll onto the beach, caused by departing ferries and high enough to surf on.

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