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Ships and merchants' houses convey the typical Hanseatic coastal flair and maritime lifestyle in Rostock and Warnemünde. As a family with children, young or active couples, experience peace and relaxation as well as action and adventure. Collect authentic experiences and discover the liveable Hanseatic and University City of Rostock with all your senses. Explore Rostock with its four seaside resorts on an exciting guided tour of the city over wood and stone, a romantic evening walk in the salty Baltic Sea air or with culinary delicacies from the region.

Stellplatz Elmenhorst

Welcome to the Elmenhorst recreational vehicle site

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is one of the most beautiful federal states in Germany. Traversed by dense forests, thousands of lakes, several World Cultural Heritage sites and the most beautiful beaches along the Baltic Sea, the state invites visitors to linger.

And not only in the summer! The fresh green of the forests attracts visitors in the spring, while the cooling water of the Baltic Sea and the lakes are a magnet in the summer. Autumn is the ideal season to take a bicycle tour along the coast. The first autumn storms tousle your hair, the sea is seething and the healthy air penetrates your lungs. Even during the winter there is an opportunity to pursue cross-country skiing or to defy the winter weather in a nearby wellness spa.

Elmenhorst is located at the gateway to famous Hanseatic cities, but also to Slavic and Mecklenburg cultural sites.
Many sites can be reached by bicycle. If the distance to the intended destination exceeds the “cycling possibilities”, the Elmenhorst recreational vehicle site offers “Smart” car rentals. So the destination can be reached quickly and comfortably.

We attach great importance to the fact that we are a parking site for recreational vehicles. Campgrounds in the surrounding area can be reached quickly and comfortably.
The parking site is the ideal starting point for ferry trips to Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

Your parking site in Elmenhorst
The parking site is located at Gewerbeallee 3a in 18107 Elmenhorst.

GPS: 54°9´10.60" N
          12°0´58.24" O

There are 24 parking places for recreational vehicles (8-12 metres in length) at the parking site.

  • 5 parking spaces - 12 m
  • 1 parking space - 8 m
  • 18 parking spaces - 10 m

The width of all parking spaces is comfortably arranged with 6 metres.

All parking sites are located on a paved underground and are equipped with power supply.
Supply and waste disposal occurs by means of a “Holiday Clean” facility. Free use is only for guests with a valid day ticket.



Drinking water: 10 cents/10 litres; 1 EUR/100 litres - Holiday Clean
Electricity (16A): 50 cents/kWh - Elektrostar
Paring ticket: 10 EUR/24 h; 60 EUR/ X days - Holiday Clean automatic parking ticket
Rent a Smart: 25 EUR/day; 150 EUR/ 7 days - parking site attendant   
Waste disposal for travellers: 3 EUR - Holiday Clean automatic parking ticket
WLAN: free


suitable for ... People in wheelchairs suitable for ... People with walking disabilities suitable for ... cognitively impaired people with learning disabilities
suitable for ...  People in wheelchairs People with walking disabilities cognitively impaired people with learning disabilities

address & contact

Stellplatz Elmenhorst
Gewerbeallee 3a
18107 Elmenhorst

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