Sarazul Cashmere

Sarazul Cashmere - clothing made from real Mongolian cashmere

Sarazul Cashmere in Warnemünde has only the highest quality Mongolian cashmere on offer. In our collection you will find unique products, fashionable and timeless, for men and women, for any occasion - even for wearing around the house. Our fibres are collected by hand and ensure unparalleled comfort when wearing this natural material, the finest in the world. The fibres, taken from the underfur of goats, are especially light, heat regulating and

ensure a luxurious feeling on the skin every time you wear them. This gift from nature is especially light and soft, making every product a unique and incomparable experience.

Special products made by us. Accessories and culture.

We look forward to seeing you. You can find us at ‘Alexandrinenstr. 90’ or by using our entrance at ‘Am Strom 99’.


Opening times

Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sunday (April to October) 1pm to 6pm

address & contact

Sarazul Cashmere
Am Strom 99
18119 Rostock
+49 381 87729918+49 381 87729918

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