Kunstmühle Schwaan

The town of Schwaan, located 20 km south of Rostock, along the Warnow and Beke rivers, is surrounded by meadows and a forested hilly landscape.
The unique Mecklenburg artists’ colony was established here at the end of the 19th century.

The permanent exhibition in the old water mill building is complemented by regularly alternating exhibitions. These exhibitions especially feature landscape painting, tie in with Schwaan painters and set them in a new context.

Opening hours:

Tues.-Fri.: 10 am-5 pm; Sat.: 1-5 pm; Sun.: 11 a.-5 pm (summer)
Tues.-Fri.: 10 am-4 pm; Sun.: 11 am-5 pm (winter)

Painting 1: Art Mill, exterior view; Museum - interior

Painting 2: Franz Bunker, Landweg [Country Road], um 1910, Schwaan Art Museum; Rudolf Bartels, Rostocker Stadtansicht [View of Rostock]


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suitable for ...  People in wheelchairs People with walking disabilities Families with small children or seniors

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Kunstmühle Schwaan
Mühlenstraße 12
18258 Schwaan


+49 3844 891792+49 3844 891792

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