The late Gothic Hausbaumhaus in the Wokrenterstraße is one of the few remaining Hausbaum (house tree) buildings in Rostock. The wooden construction (to support the walls) is similar in its design to a tree. A strong trunk channels the weight of the upper floors down into the even ground.

Therefore, a perfectly flat surface has been created on the ground floor. The higher you go in the building, the more the timbers branch out - like a tree. The front of the building has been adjusted to match the respective styles of the times over the centuries. The Ratschow-Haus (Kröpeliner Straße 83) and the Kerkof-Haus (behind Rathaus 5) are especially beautiful gabled houses.

Today, the old harbour quarter is characterised by the gabled houses in the Wokrenterstraße, the warehouses and the construction works carried out in the 80s.

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Wokrenterstraße 40
18055 Rostock

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