Abenteuer Stadtwelten

We love city tours!

Whether classic, as a SightRunning tour or on a scavenger hunt - experience Rostock and Warnemünde with our individual city tours.

During the scavenger hunt with our "city explorer" you discover the city on your own without a city guide. The tour book will guide you and offers you a variety of hours through stories, tasks and puzzles. You can start when you want, take breaks, follow our tips or try out the different game variations.

On our classic tour or sporty in jogging, our guide will show you the most beautiful sights and special corners. We already guide you as an individual or small group and let us be inspired by your wishes. Coordinate with us the time, start and end point or even destinations along the way.

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Abenteuer Stadtwelten
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 3
18059 Rostock


+49 (0)175 8082412+49 (0)175 8082412

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