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Ever since the foundation of one of the oldest universities in the Baltic region in 1419, Rostock has turned itself into a place of knowledge and education. That’s why the university set up an innovative network of scientific research facilities in the local area. Learn about the comprehensive education options for children and young people in the city, as well as the broad selection of options for further and higher education.

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Universitätsplatz Rostock

Education & Science

This city by the Warnow River earned a name for itself as a place of science and education in 1419, when the first university in Northern Europe was opened here. Students and academics from all over Germany, and even Scandinavia, come to Rostock. Among them are famous names such as David Chytreus, Samuel Gottlieb Vogel and Joachim Junguis.

However, many local businesses also contribute with pioneering innovations. The ‘Erbgroßherzog Friedrich Franz’ ship, made at the Tischbein & Zeltz wharf, was launched in Rostock in 1851, being the first seafaring iron screw steamer in Germany.

In the 1870s, pepsin, peptone and rennet powder were manufactured at Friedrich Witte’s chemical factory. The first jet aircraft also began to do its rounds in the 1930s around the factory site run by the Heinkel company.

Studying by the sea

The University of Rostock is the region’s centre for science - the number of research institutes grouped around it is significant. The cooperation between the individual institutes has intensified in recent years, therefore increasing the competitiveness of this scientific region. Moreover, there are several associations and networks in which researchers and institutes cooperate with one focus - in areas such as life sciences, e-learning and stem cell research.

Focuses of research in the region:

  • medical technology
  • biological sciences
  • new materials (e.g. fibre composites)
  • shipbuilding
  • maritime systems and processes
Graduates of the University of Rostock

Technology centers

Technology centres are an important part of the promotion of trade and industry in Rostock. Here, emerging businesses will find the ideal conditions to present themselves and drive their research.

In coordination with future users, KOE created technology centres with multifunctional facilities that provide high-quality surroundings for research in Rostock. Particularly innovative, technology-orientated companies benefit from the advantages that being established in one of the technology centres brings. The current network enables quick contact with Rostock University and other companies and research institutes in Germany and abroad. The technology centres in Rostock have the perfect conditions for the development of new ideas and products.

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