Theatre & stage

Laugh, cry, cheer, hold your breath with excitement and be carried away by touching moments – all this and more is possible in Rostock’s theatres, where you can watch historical or modern, classical or experimental performances, comedies, dramas or thrillers. The theatrical landscape in the Hansa flair City is diverse and can be experienced in various venues.

Volkstheater Rostock

Volkstheater Rostock

Volkstheater Rostock is opening spaces at its venues for experimental performances, up-and-coming directors and performances with audience participation. The Rostock University of Music and Theatre puts on more than 300 public performances per year. The Theater des Friedens also puts on theatrical productions with its variety evenings.

LichtKlangNacht at IGA Park

Open-Air Stage

In the summer months, concert and theatre lovers can also experience numerous performances at extraordinary open-air stages such as the medieval Klosterhof, the IGA Park, the Warnemünde Kurhausgarten or Rostock Zoo.


Venues in Rostock

The ‘Volkstheater Rostock’ it the municipal theatre, which, togehter with the North German Philharmonic Orchestra, offers everything from music and dance performances to plays and orchestras. The extensive range of municipal and private theatres is supplemented by the University of Music and Theatre (HMT), which organises regular performances with international artists and emerging talent.

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