Attractions in the city centre of Rostock

The city’s 7 churches are among the “Rostock 7”. What’s left of them today? Go searching for traces! The histories of the imposing brick Gothic churches of St Mary and St Peter shaped Rostock’s soul.

St Mary’s church, with its massive west building, is a major north German brick Gothic work and has a rich interior with a baroque high altar, an organ, a pulpit and a baptismal font. While on guided discovery tours, you’ll get a glimpse into the vault, the bell tower and the organ system. On the outside, St Mary’s forms an impressive Hansa flair ensemble with the gabled houses and the town hall opposite.

At 117 metres, St Peter’s church is the tallest in Rostock. You can take the lift or climb up the spiral staircase to reach the viewing platform 45 metres up where you’ll be captivated by the unique view across the city port to Warnemünde.

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