The maritime world around Rostock

Between the river and the sea beats the heart of the City of Rostock. The city was founded on the banks of the Warnow river, whose blue waters still flow past the city into the Baltic Sea. Anywhere you look, sailboats, motorboats, yachts and Baltic Sea ferries make up an inseparable part of the city landscape between the Warnemünde seaside resorts and the city harbour, where the world’s largest and most imposing cruise ships make berth year after year. This is a popular destination both for lovers of water sports as well as for casual visitors wishing to explore Rostock from a more nautical viewpoint, who can choose from a variety of boat tours.

Harbour tour Rostock and Warnemünde

Port tours undoubtedly belong on the list of the most popular holiday activities. Whether it’s the city port, the Alter Strom or the Rostock Heath – you have the choice between various cruise ships and tours. You’ll also learn something amusing or worth knowing about Rostock.

Or you can relax on board a ferry on a day tour on the Baltic. You can enjoy the view and the fresh breeze while the captain takes you quickly and safely across the Baltic.

Harbour tours in Warnemünde & Rostock
Exhibition Heimatmuseum Warnemünde

How do you become a singing sailor and what is the most important Warnemünde invention? You can learn about this and other maritime and folk traditions in the permanent and special exhibitions at Warnemünde’s local history museum, a neat half-timbered building from 1767.

Maritime legends

Event highlights

Arrival of the vessels at the Hanse Sail in Warnemünde

Hanse Sail

With up to 200 traditional sailing ships and museum ships, Hanse Sail is among the largest meetings of its kind in the world. Every second week in August, hundreds of thousands of curious onlookers gather on the waterfronts of Rostock and Warnemünde. The magnificent tall ships come from many different German and international harbours and from every point of the compass. With a powerful wind in the sails, a rope as thick as your arm in your hand and the ship’s planks vibrating beneath your feet – this feeling cannot be replaced, even in our digital age: experience a few hours of sea-faring romanticism on board a traditional sailing ship during a trip.

Sailing at Warnemünde Week

Warnemünde Week

The Warnemünde Week takes place every year at the start of July. Have you ever been here when the sailing elite pick up speed in front of Warnemünde? The district is considered one of the best in the world. Warnemünde Week also has a varied programme on land on offer: the “Niege Ümgang”, a traditional parade in historical costumes, sports competitions on the beach, beach parties and much more.

Rostock Cruise Festival AIDA

Rostock Cruise Festival

“Where ships inspire, the whole world goes on board” – the motto shows how strongly Rostock is linked with the seven seas. Today, ocean liners are called cruise ships, fascinate millions of people and visit Warnemünde around 200 times per year.

With the ROSTOCK CRUISE FESTIVAL, you can experience this fascination first hand and in a special way.

Departing cruise ship with fireworks

Warnemünde Port Partys

You’ll be just as amazed by the big cruise ships spending a day lying at anchor here at the Warnemünde Cruise Center. When did you last see a tugboat ballet? In Rostock, this “dance” on the water happens when special ships call at the port. All visitors can experience escorted tours, live bands and shanties right by the passenger terminal during port parties.

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