Warnemünde Week - Colorful Summer Festival meets top sailors

From 3 until 11 of July 2021 the 83rd edition of the maritime festival and sailing event will take place. Warnemünde Week is among the largest international sailing events in Germany. About 1,800 sailors from around 30 nations meet annually in Warnemünde for high-powered sailing as well as surfing and kiting competitions on the water. In addition, the cultural supporting programme also attracts more than 650,000 visitors to Rostock’s seaside resort every year. A major festival parade with traditional costumes for the opening ceremony, festive supporting events, sports offers such as a beach handball tournament, show programmes, live concerts, dragon boat festival as well as a “shanty & folkloric costume gathering” will make guests and sports enthusiasts equally active.

More information: www.warnemuender-woche.com

Sailing off Warnemünde


30 nations and more than 2,000 international sailing enthusiasts meet at the Baltic seaside resort every year for European Cups, German Championships and maritime regattas.

Sailing ships off Warnemünde


The successful combination of water & land programme can be best recognised by last year’s colourful photos.

Sailboats off Rostock


There is also an exciting programme on land: media tent, lacrosse, washtub & dragon boat races, fashion show, concerts, playing kubb, beach handball and the parade known as “Nieger Ümgang”.

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