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Working in Rostock

Working in Rostock

Over 200,000 inhabitants in Rostock enjoy living and working right by the Baltic Sea, in a city atmosphere. The high standard of living and attractive opportunities for work in the economic centre of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are drawing more and more people to the area. For several years, Rostock has been recording an increasing number of people moving to the city.

Excellent educational establishments in Rostock with two polytechnic colleges and various vocational and professional schools provide attractive opportunities for training and further education. A healthy economic structure with research institutions, industrial manufacturing firms and a wide service sector in tourism, amongst other areas, create diverse prospects. Areas of growth in Rostock are the maritime economy, wind energy, biotech/life sciences, air and space travel, and logistics and IT services.

Rostock and its seaside resort, Warnemünde, combine many economic aspects with a high quality of leisure and life by the Baltic Sea,

Rostock as a place to work


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